Road Deaths: Stories Needed

I am a researcher, currently working on a book on the experiences of families and policing with regards to road deaths.

I can be contacted on the following email address:

I am working closely with members of the charity, Road Peace

My book will be a reflection on my experience of the criminal justice system as a bereaved next of kin of a pedestrian road death and those of other families, as well as an academic study of policing investigations into road deaths.

I am interested in hearing from families, so that the criminal justice system may understand and learn from your experiences of road deaths, by publishing your stories. The objective is to focus attention on road deaths – particularly the way police investigations are conducted and family’s treated. Three times more people die in the UK each year than are killed in a homicide. Yet in most cases, particularly with pedestrian/cycle deaths, the victim is blamed and the driver never brought to justice. In the cases that do come to court, few families are left satisfied with the system; even fewer are satisfied with the Inquest. This book seeks to challenge the police investigation from an academic and personal viewpoint.

I am interested in hearing your stories with regards to the following (the list is not exclusive):

  • News of the Death: How did you hear? How were you treated?
  • Family Liaison Officers: What was your experience? How were you treated by the officer(s) concerned?
  • Identifying the body: what were you told prior to the experience? Were you shown a photograph?
  • Pathologist/Pathology Report: Did you meet the pathologist? Were you informed of the ‘type’ of pathologist that attended your loved one’s death? Did you receive a copy of the pathology report? How accurate was this?
  • The Police Investigation: How much do you know about how the investigation was conducted? What were you told?
  • Police Hypotheses: What were the reasons provided by the police as to how your loved one died? When did the police provide these reasons? Before/during or after the investigation had concluded?
  • CPS: What was your relation to the CPS? What reasons did they provide for/against prosecution? Were you happy with the way the CPS treated you? Was the procedure explained? Did you make a Right to Review?
  • Court: How did this go? What support did you receive? Were you happy/surprised/shocked by the outcome?
  • Coroner / Inquest. What was your relationship with the Coroner? How did the Inquest go? What information did you receive? Was the pre-disclosure information from the Coroner conclusive? Did you receive first account reports? Photographs of the scene? Body worn video footage?
  • Police Files: Did you request a copy of the police report? Were you successful? Did you receive ALL information requested: police reports, copies of note book entries, witness statements, photographs of the scene, body worn video, forensic collision report? If not, what reasons were provided?
  • Complaints: Did you make any complaints against the police/cps/court/coroner? Were you satisfied with the outcome? If not, why not?
  • Other: Did you meet the driver who killed your loved one? Were you offered restorative justice? Was your view sought on any of the above?

All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence. When it comes to publication, your name will only be used with your permission. If your story has already been published in the press, please provide links. If you would prefer to be interviewed in person, this can also be arranged.

Thank you, in advance, for your response.

Research into Policing Investigations, Criminal Justice System, CPS, Coroners